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Why Lugos Travel?

At Lugos Travel we search for curated life experiences, and deliver them to you. We guarantee to deliver excellent service, and will set the table for an excellent getaway. In the travel business, changes of plans can happen, but Lugos Travel is there to assist in any way we can and we do it from a client minded outcome. We plan to show you not only how easy international travel can be, but also how exciting it is to take yourself away from anything resembling home. A treat to the senses as you breathe crisp air, eat at some of the finest restaurants, and explore new surroundings.


What are we offering?

Our business is comprised of three components:

1. Ski Trips – Our main focus is on ski trips in the French Alps, and we will always offer signature, custom guided trips several times per year for a limited amount of people. These trips are limited to 7 couples only, are one week in duration, and are put together by Lugos Travel exclusively. Each of these trips include all lodging, food, equipment, lift passes, guides, and other activities throughout the trip. For one price you may spend the entire vacation and not pull your wallet out, and we think that’s a great way to travel. Information about these trips will be available soon for the 2015 season.

*It should be noted that we have strategic partnerships with other tour operators. Lugos Travel is able to book your ski vacation at any location in the USA, or World at large. Additional information is available. Our partners work to provide the same level of service we provide, and we take pride in ensuring you are in good hands.

2. Golf Packages – Our golf packages provide a peek into the great golf that Central Florida has to offer. We have strategic partnerships with Streamsong Golf Resort, and many others and can structure a custom golf experience. All trips are offered with lodging, food, golf fees, and transportation included. We also can customize to include local favorites, sightseeing, and spa packages. We normally cater to groups from 4 to 16, but can accommodate any size group by request.

3. Independent Travel – These trips are for the truly adventurous. These trips average in price from $3,500 – $7,000 per person and are completely customized to the couples, families, or small groups going. Think honeymoons, and anniversaries, but also the once-in-a-lifetime family trip to Italy. No detail is too small. We have arranged hot air balloon rides over Paris, driving Ferrari’s on public Italian roads, a personal Opera in Florence, Italy, private chefs in your chalet, and even had a selection of sports equipment flown into the hotel for the kids to have something to do. Dream BIG, Lugos Travel will make it a reality.

At Lugos Travel you will enjoy the little touches, the surprises you weren’t expecting, and the relief of not having to worry about anything from the moment you leave until you darken your doorstep once more.

“From the converted farmhouse with an infinity pool overlooking Tuscany to the intimate, small group opera experience in Florence, your recommendations truly made our honeymoon the trip of a lifetime. Thank you!” – R. Wills

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