Shane in Hawaii lava tube

Exploring a lava tube in Maui

Meet the Owner

Shane Mahoney is a true individual with many tastes. He’d say he got the bug to travel from a very early age after nearly being born in Iran. His father worked for an oil company, his mother a concierge for The Breakers hotel chain. And thus, the adventure began … moving country to country while following the general path of an exploratory ship for drilling oil. One year in Borneo, before three years in Perth, Australia peppered with quick jaunts between moves to Palm Beach, Florida. Eventually ending up for the longest in Lakeland, Florida during his formative years. Not quite ready to stop exploring, Shane also spent 6 months in Barcelona, Spain as an exchange student in High School.

Shane Mahoney then went to the University of Alabama, and completed a Bachelor of Science degree in International Marketing. Upon graduation Shane spent the next 11 years in sales and management positions before rethinking about the life he wanted to lead. He says, “I am happiest to help others find a better way to enjoy the world around them.” Shane pursues passions now and having had a lifelong affinity for travel he has been able to unearth interesting places, and experiences to be had in far corners of the world. Above having lived in the aforementioned spots, Shane has also visited Russia, France, the UK, Netherlands, Tahiti, and much of the Caribbean.

Lugos Travel is a passion, but not his only one. In 2011 Shane also started a charity called As an event based charitable organization specializes in having four events yearly whereby each event individually sponsors a local youth-based education or mentoring program. He feels it is important to give back to the community you live in and that education is the measure by which we will improve the lives of us all.

Shane, through his multi-cultured upbringing and knowledge of customs, culinary specialties, and adventurous diversions is sure to show even a seasoned traveler new ideas to truly experience something fresh.

 “My goal is to bring life back into your vacation and allow you to lose control in the best of ways” – Shane Mahoney

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