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Art, Museum, and Architecture Tour – Paris, France

Day 1. Your arrival into Paris, France will be met with a warm smile from your personal assistant as you are whisked away by private car to the wondrous Hotel Balzac. Hotel Balzac is located in the heart of the City of Light and features opulent Parisian interiors opening up to skyline views of the Eiffel Tower. Open the windows and breathe in the air, the remainder of this day is yours to enjoy.

Day 2. Today is greeted by warm breezes and long walks as we re-discover your favorites of Paris. On the menu today include your choice of tours and activities, or maybe shopping on the Champs Elysees, or a cruise on the River Seine. Any and all options will be accompanied by expert guides that will add information you’re sure to pass to your friends back home.

Day 3. Architecture is fascinating in the way it is our vision that shapes the World, and Lugos Travel is an admirer of that fact. We will be spending today exploring the attributes that Parisian’s have bestowed on Paris.

Day 4-5. These days will be spent touring some the lesser known museums such as the Malmaison Castle Museum, which was owned by Napoleon and Josephine Bonaparte in 1799. The estate rests on 6 acres in an outlying part of Paris and currently features sketches and watercolours by Charlotte Bonaparte. This however is but one of many options available. Lugos Travel strives to ensure your trips are different every time.

Day 6. No visit to Paris is complete without a meander through the gardens of Versaille, where every turn and every scent calls you to walk in the foot-steps of Louis XIV to Marie Antoinette’s home. In the main home, which started as a hunting house to Louis XIII, get intimate facts of the architecture, and the art as you cross the Hall of Mirrors to the Grand Apartments of the King and Queen. On your way back, perhaps a sunset Hot Air balloon ride over champagne?

Day 7. Prepare for departure. Keep in mind, Lugos Travel is built on the idea that flexibility on your part will be met with the unexpected from our part. So, if you choose to stay longer, or try something different, Lugos Travel wants your experience to be unique. We work to be knowledgeable about everything important to you, and craft our vacations around the same.


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