What is a vacation if not a total separation from the life you live daily? Is that too much to expect? I think not … a vacation should be a break between the reality of work, stress, and the scenery you see all the time. Not just a break – a departure. A departure to another adventure, to another experience, to places time has forgotten.

There’s a problem though isn’t there? How do you plan a vacation like that? How much time does it take? How do you know you won’t end up missing something?

Enter Lugos Travel.

Lugos Travel is more than a travel agency. We provide tour service during your vacation that’s like having a travelling concierge. Also, we prepare detailed itineraries with the full scope of information ensuring that your vacation is exactly what you want it to be. A new and unique experience every time, tailored to your needs and desires. Working to ensure every last detail is accounted for so that your vacation can be exactly what you want it to be – relaxing. We take the job out of crafting a great vacation and keep them interesting and fresh.

Imagine making a call – that’s it! We’ll take care of the details, and you can surrender yourself to the idea that this doesn’t have to be another job – you work hard enough as it is.

Lugos Travel is also available for guided tours of the Tampa, Orlando, Disney, and Beaches of Florida for all our friends across the pond. We have over 15 years experience in the area and can ensure you see more of any park and ride more of the rides with my services than without. Lugos Travel also has extensive knowledge of the surrounding area and can make some suggestions that are sure to impart a new experience of Florida.

Call Lugos Travel at 863.430.8554 today and let us show you a better way to explore your senses and emotions while leaving your stress at the door.



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