Ulusaba RetreatIt’s been a little while since my last post … but busy days are hard to say no to.

I’ve been doing a fantastic amount of research on several new places for clients and have some really great new ideas and frameworks for some unique and amazing itineraries. One such place has been South Africa, and I’ll take a minute to go over some of the details of what is available.

Full Disclosure: I have never been to Africa, this is based on what I’ve read and researched only

Johannesburg, South Africa is about a 25 hour trip which is a downer. Fortunately the destination is worth it, and unique in its beauty. You will experience a deep emotional connection with the people, animals, and the lands … this trip is great for the soul.

As for the hotel, I recommend Ulusaba … Sir Richard Branson’s own private game preserve. It’s a small establishment, and boasts only 21 rooms and suites, each of which is amazing, almost idyllic. Privacy, exclusivity, and flexibility are all included, and the service is impeccable. Ulusaba serves as the backdrop to enhance whatever your reason for being there – whether for a wedding, honeymoon, or birthday … or no reason.

View of the Shangaan WarriorsAt Ulusaba, each room has it’s own private deck and some rooms even require use of a rope bridge to access. The goal being to have the best vistas from anywhere on property. This can be attributed to being built at the location the Shangaan warriors deemed the best lookout point for game. The hotel is set up from the beginning to evoke a spiritual awakening from within. Imagine just having dinner on your private deck, as elephants and other game walk about their normal lives below you? Speaking of dinner, or any meal for that matter, and know that everything is included at Ulusaba. For you, not only the food is included, but so is the good champagne (and other drinks). No expense was spared in making sure this would be the spot of legend, and no reason you shouldn’t enjoy it.

What can you expect to see while in South Africa? How about white rhinos, lions, wild birds, gazelles, hippos, and a whole host more! During your stay there are two game expeditions daily at the hands of a ranger, and his tracker. These are highly trained professionals who can take you right to the spot … just don’t ask to pet the lions, or ride the zebras. For those who like photography, whether professionally or casually, this is the place to forever store your memories and cement your experience. Covering over 33,350+ acres of natural preserve in open Land Rovers, the guides can ensure you see all the Big 5 game animals, while also ensuring you don’t miss the small animals, flora, and fauna.

The Plains calling your nameWell, it is safe to say that I count the days until I can make it to this wonderful place, and experience a different world beyond my normal one. If you share my dream, and would like to know more I can let you know what options you have and even find alternate places to safari in Africa. If this is something you’d specifically like to look at, pricing will be around $14,000 per couple, including airfare.**


** this is just an estimate, airline pricing and hotel pricing are subject to change and could fluctuate by $2k+/-

Lion and her cubs



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