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At Lugos Travel, we understand that service is the name of the game. It’s what sets us apart, and more importantly, it’s the details that we look at that make the difference for you to enjoy each and every part of your Lugos Travel adventure.

We are NOT your typical Travel Agent, and we’d like to tell you how we differ here:

  • A typical Travel Agent can get you to Florence, Italy. You will have a hotel, a flight, and a rental car. If you choose to do a tour – it will be in a group of probably 15-25 people.
  • We are a Tour Operation, and we do everything custom-tailored to you. To contrast this fact, if you did in fact choose to go to Florence, Italy we would of course secure your flight, and transportation, as well as excellent lodging in a convenient part of town. We would also get you private opera tickets AND have them sing your wife’s favorite love songs. In short,  we pride ourselves on tailoring what will make your trip special to you and your individual tastes.

For some of the options we offer, read below:


We feel that you come first. So primarily, Lugos Travel endeavors to get to know you. We would like to know your likes, your definition of a perfect vacation, your idea of indulgence, so that we can not only deliver on providing the finest in luxury European vacations. With this information, Lugos Travel can exceed your expectations and deliver a luxury travel experience never forgotten. Call us today at 863.430.8554 to discuss how you can discover, and re-discover the best in the voyage of life.

Past customizations have included private tours of the Ferrari/Decati/and Lambourghini plants, driving a Ferrari on public Italian roads, Hot Air balloon rides over Paris, or the Loire Valley, Gladiator school for kids, private tours of historical or architectural treasures, hotel stays in castles, private cooking classes, private art classes, and many many others.

With every Lugos Travel, here is a few of the things that you can expect with each Guided Tour:


All equipment needed during your stay will be included in your cost. If this is a skiing vacation, this will include your lift passes as well as boots, poles, and skis. Ski lessons are available, and are guaranteed to speak English as a primary language

Please inform us if there are any special needs that require extra attention


Escorted trips will include all transportation to and from all points of interest and airport transfers

Independent tours will be built to specification and can involve either chauffeured service or rental car


For escorted journeys, your tour operator will be sneaking great shots of your travels. If you’re taking an independent journey, and you’d like photos or videos of your trip, we’ll arrange to have your own photographer on hand to capture those precious moments you’d rather not spend on the other side of the lens.

Valet Service:

We believe that the vacation should start the moment you leave your doorstep. That means we will arrange limo pick-up and drop-off service from your home to the airport so that you don’t have to worry about which parking lot you’re parked in, or the post-vacation drive home after traveling around the world. We find this is cost effective too by negating any parking charges. All in all – it’s a hassle-free way to enjoy your trip that much more.


To ensure you have the safest possible experience, we will register you and your party with the US Embassy and they will be aware of where you are, and when you are scheduled to arrive home. That way, if anything important happens that would change the circumstances of your vacation our government will know where you are, and ways to get a hold of you.

Baggage Forwarding:

Lugos Travel will arrange to ship your baggage from your home to your destination, and back. This makes airports a little easier to handle, as you would have only your carry-on items. Regardless however, all escorted trips will include assistance with your baggage from the moment you land at your destination, and all transfers during your stay. This is an optional service – but one that can come in handy!

Insurance – We offer many types of Insurance including:

Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption, Missed Connection, Medical Expense/Emergency Assistance including during emergency flight back, Baggage (either Delayed or Lost), and Legal expenses. These are all designed to ensure that you aren’t liable for the many ways traveling abroad can change your itinerary unexpectedly, and it’s also a great way to curb unexpected expenses that can turn a great vacation into one far outside your budget.

Also, should you require expedited VISA, and/or Passport services, know you are in good hands. We can arrange for your travel paperwork to be in order, even when you don’t have long before your trip. Call us for details!

“By far, some of our most memorable and treasured experiences came from stays at the hidden away places you found and recommended for us!” – R. Wills

You can also expect the unexpected. We like to go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction and already know the local specialties, viticulture, restaurants, and hide-a-ways that make your trip a memory that will last a lifetime and have you proclaiming to your friends, ‘I Lugos!’

Independent Tour:

At Lugos Travel, we’d like you to know we understand if the inner explorer doesn’t want to travel with a guide. Instead, we offer our Independent Tours. Still planned meticulously so that your cares are left at the doorstep on your way out, but built with flexibility and better options in tours so that your vacation is the escape you always dreamed of.


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